Heilongjiang Yilan Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2012 by a large private integrated company Zhanjiakou High-Tech Steel Pipe Co.,Ltd which is involved in petroleum equipment manufacturing, precision instrument manufacturing, mining industry investment and development and other areas, registered capital of 10 million yuan.

The company is located in Yichun City, Xiaoxing ' An Mountains Range. In December 2012, Yilan signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Yichun Municipal Government about investment and development of blueberry, haskap , kiwiberry and other small berries industry.

As a strategic partner of Yichun's economic forest transformation, the company established the "Sino Russian economic forest industry demonstration park" in Hongxing District of Yichun in 2012, covering an area of 1800 mu; contracted to manage and protect 200000 mu of wild blueberries and indigo fruits in Custer forest farm; and cooperated with Yichun Academy of forestry, Institute of Botany of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Northeast Forestry University, Russian National Central botanical garden, and Lisa liberal arts horticultural plants The Research Institute and six units of Japan Hokkaido blueberry Association jointly established "Yichun small berry Research Institute"; 36 superior indigo varieties (20 high anthocyanin varieties) suitable for growth in Yichun region were introduced from Russia, the United States, Japan and other foreign countries,

There are more than 2 million seedlings of 4-year-old indigo varieties in stock;
There are 6 dominant varieties of blueberry, with a stock of more than 2 million 4-5-year-old seedlings;
There are 4 dominant varieties of Actinidia, with a stock of 100000 2-year-old seedlings;
There are 4 dominant varieties of cranberry, 1.5 million 2-year-old seedlings in stock;

There are dozens of other cold resistant and economic trees and ornamental plants, with an annual seedling raising capacity of more than 10 million. A whole operation standard has been formed from variety selection, pollination matching, planting and harvesting. The stock of large seedlings can be planted over 40000 mu, which can be planted in large areas and quickly generate income.

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    Black Currant

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As an important leading enterprise in Domestic Berry Industry

With technology as the guide, high-quality products as the core and talent advantages, Yilan company is committed to building the largest blueberry, indigo fruit, economic forest seedling base, planting base, biological products and food base in China. The company has actively promoted the international development strategy, established close cooperation with many international scientific research institutions, strengthened the international market expansion, and jointly established world-class blueberry and indigo fruit breeding and planting R & D center with top international scientific research institutions in the United States, Canada, Russia and Japan, gradually realizing the brand, market, team, technology, management and international standards Quasi connection.

Honorary qualification

  • Certification of Organic Products

  • China Science Research and Development Center

  • Test Base of World Excellent Variety of Haskap

  • Berries R&D Institute of Yichun

  • Dongnon Yilan small

  • Ilan Biotech

  • China-Russia Park